American Jewish Historical Newspapers – available and online!

One of the most important primary source resources for modern Jewish history is the Jewish Historical Press (JHP) project, hosted by the National Library of Israel.  The goal of the project is to digitize and make available Jewish newspapers from around the globe.  At present, this freely accessible database provides access to 775 titles from Jewish presses around the world, representing 25 languages and 240 years of history in over five million images. It is a critical resource to understand major global events in history as they were experienced by Jews around the world.

Columbia University Libraries is proud to partner with the JHP, along with New York University and the New York Public Library, to help make the historical American Jewish Press available via the JHP site. Over the last decade, we have worked together to locate, digitize, and make available the following newspapers, which cover a broad variety of languages (English, Yiddish, Ladino, German, and Hebrew) and topics representing Jews all across the United States throughout history:

We are currently moving forward to our sixth phase of this project and look forward to making even more papers available in the coming months and years!

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