DIY Research Series – Get the most out of your research!

Though we know your time here at the J-School is short and packed, these  workshops are something that you can work into your schedule to help you while you are here at Columbia and beyond!  Check them out and sign up for the ones you can.  We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful!

DIY Research Series from the Libraries
Build skills on how to design and conduct your own research studies!
All workshops are held in Lehman Social Sciences Library, Group Study 2, 12:30-1:30pm
October 4
Basics of Study Design
Learn how to translate a research question into a research study. Find documentation on how to conduct different kinds of research analysis, and get up to speed quickly with different methods to aid you in your research.
October 11
Using Free and Open Data
Discover free and open data – from government agencies and other organizations – that you can use in your research immediately to do analysis and visualizations. Open data portals, data scraping, FOIA requests, and open data issues will be discussed.
October 18
Ethnography & Observation Studies
Understand how to collect data on individual/group activities and social interactions through ethnographic fieldwork and participant-observation. Methodological strengths, limitations, and documenting fieldnotes will be discussed.
October 25
Survey & Interview Studies
Understand how to collect data using surveys and interviews. Sampling, question development, and implementation will be covered. Doing sensitive research and working with vulnerable groups will also be discussed.