Research at the RBML | Nadav Millman investigates the Chris Claremont papers

Nadav Millman recently visited the RBML to dive into the papers of comic book writers and novelist Chris Claremont, which include works in progress, discarded story ideas, and unpublished manuscripts. Nadav describes finding correspondence with editors discussing some of Claremont’s best-known plots. What brings you to Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library? When I heard that […]

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Tips for researchers’ first time in the archives: photos and scanning

Carrie Smith, Lecturer at Cardiff University, recently posted a thread on Twitter with basic advice for first-time archives researchers. The thread has  tips that work well for our own RBML users — even for our more regular visitors. […]

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Marvel Comics Shareholder Reports: A Marriage of Corporate and Creative

Spidey swings into the NYSE on the cover of the 1991 quarterly report

Thirty years ago today, on December 17, 1991, a bombshell exploded in the worlds of comics, Wall Street, and the media. After a spectacularly successful year in which, among other triumphs, Spider-Man #1 sold an unprecedented 2.5 million copies, owner Ronald Perelman launched an Initial Public Offering of Marvel Comics, raising more than $63,000,000. Gary […]

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