Searching Korean Language Materials

1. The Library of Congress romanization rules, based on the McCune-Reischauer system, must be used for accurate and complete search results.  See

2. You may also search CLIO by both Hangul and Hancha characters, but such a search will not retrieve records without characters, e.g.

한국 경제 : 423 results

韓國 經濟 : 269 results

hanguk kyongje : 834 results

3. Spaces between words are important when searching for Korean materials in CLIO, e.g.

한국과 한국문화: no result;

한국 과 한국 문화 : 137 results.

In author searches enter a space between the last and first name, e.g.

박완서 : 6 results;

박 완서 : 68 results

4. In CLIO searches diacritics are ignored (though they do display in the bibliographic records).  E.g. “지역주의” is typed as “chiyokchuui” not “chiŏkchuŭI”.

5. Although some Korean journal articles included in subscribed journal article databases can be found in CLIO, for complete results, individual Korean databases, such as Riss International, DBpia, KISS and Kyobo Scholar, should be searched instead.

6. For more detailed instructions and suggestions check the Korean Studies homepage at or ask the Korean Studies Librarian, Hee-sook Shin (

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