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Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA)

Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) is a web based interface that allows access and analysis of data. The data can be accessed from IPUMS or from  the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

SDA allows you to:

  • Browse the codebook describing a datasetsda
  • Calculate frequencies or crosstabulation (with charts)
  • Do comparison of means
  • Calculate a correlation matrix
  • Compare correlations
  • Perform multiple regression
  • Perform logit/probit regression
  • List values of individual cases
  • Recode variables (into public work area)
  • Compute a new variable
  • List/delete derived variables
  • Download a customized subset

SDA allows you to analyze data at a level appropriate to your level of experience. SDA can only analyze datasets that reside on an SDA server. If you would like to test drive SDA, or to see if SDA is useful for your research check out their General Information page.

UTC/National Journal Survey Data Now Available

Data from United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection survey series are now available from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.  The surveys track the public's priorities on the policies at the center of Congressional debate. Included in this new data collection are 22 studies conducted from January, 2012 to January, 2013. 

 The data can be accessed either through Roper's iPoll interface or the RoperExpress interface. iPoll searches at the question-level and returns the tabulated responses as percentages and in a bar chart.  RoperExpress searches survey-level descriptions and returns the description with links for downloading the data files and accompanying documentation. 

At the Roper site you can navigate between the two interfaces using icons for each: a stylized i for iPoll and a stylized x for RoperExpress.  

For more information go to the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research website or refer to the Library guide on Opinion Poll Data.  For help with this or any data product visit the  Digital Social Science Data Service at contact us

Resource Spotlight – Ashley Jester

Please welcome Ashley Jester, the new Data Services Coordinator in the Social Sciences Libraries!  Ashley holds a PhD from Stanford in Political Science with advanced specializations in international relations, organizational behavior, and political economy.  She's here to assist you with your research, from the initial steps of background research and finding data to analysis and interpretation of data.  She's great with Excel, STATA, SPSS, R, and you can find her staffing the reference desks at the Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) and Data Services in Lehman Library.  She's also available for individual/small group meetings and consultations, so don't hesitate to call upon Ashley!, (212) 854-0514

Find Out Who’s On The Ballot

Created by professor Ester Fuchs, Who’s on the Ballot is a quick and easy to use website and mobile app that provides New York City citizens the location of polling places, information on candidates, sample ballots, and voter registration information.  Learn about candidates, find out when and where to vote. It’s as easy as entering your home address in search boxes.

Directory of Development Organizations

Looking for information on development organisations? Listing 65,000 development organizations, the Directory of Development Organisations provides a "source of reference for development practitioners, researchers, donor employees, and policymakers who are committed to good governance, sustainable development and poverty reduction, through: the financial sector and microfinance, trade and business development services, rural development and appropriate technology, private sector development and policy reforms, legislation & rule of law and good governance, community development and social protection, gender equality and participation, environment and health, research, training and education."




The Statistical Abstract of the United States

Did you know that West Virginia is ranked #1 among US States in home ownership? Guess which state ranks last?

abstractsSearch the Statistical Abstract of the United States  as a guide to information from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and many other Federal agencies, and private organizations. Published since 1878, the Abstract is "the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States."


From FBIS to World News Connection

Don’t let language limit your research. Search the Foriegn Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports (FBIS) (1941 — 1996) continued by World News Connection (1996 –present) for translations into English of newspaper articles, conference proceedings, periodicals, non-classified technical reports, and local media sources from around the world.



Research in International Affairs

The International Crisis Group reports that "the monsoon floods in Pakistan have caused massive destruction and turned a displacement crisis in the insecure western borderlands into a national disaster… The fragile civilian government lack the capacity and the means to provide sufficient food, shelter, health and sanitation without  international assistance…A population exhausted by conflict could become a soft target for militants, making stability in the northwest even more elusive." from CIAO

Search the Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) database for working papers, policy briefs, journals, Atlas with data provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and more to find information about topics in the field of International Affairs.