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Using R with ArcGIS

With a successful collaboration between DSSC and ESRI, a hands-on workshop on ESRI R plugin was presented by Shaun Walbridge, a senior developer from ESRI, on Wednesday, April 20. Shaun provided an in-depth tutorial on how to use R in ESRI, and answered questions from students and librarians.

Our audiences were from a broad background: librarians from Columbia and other institutions in NYC, PhD students, Master’s students, people from administrations, etc.


Presentation Highlights:

SP data types in R
  • 0D: SpatialPoints
  • 1D: SpatialLines
  • 2D: SpatialPolygons
  • 3D: Solid
  • 4D: Space-time
R — ArcGIS Bridge
  • Store your data in ArcGIS, access it quickly in R, return R objects back to ArcGIS native data types (e.g. geodatabase feature classes).
  • Knows how to convert spatial data to sp objects.
  • Package Documentation
  • Upcoming: Conda for managing R environments

For more information about this workshop, please visit

Thank you again for joining us!



Extended Hours and Study Hall

Can you believe it is already getting close to finals? We can’t either! To help you in your mad rush to the end of the year the library will begin extended hours and study hall starting April 17, 2016. The hours will be as follows:

Sunday: 11am-Midnight, Study Hall Midnight-4am
Monday-Thursday: 9am-Midnight, Study Hall 8am-9am, Midnight-4am
Friday:9am-10pm, Study Hall 8am-9am, 10pm-4am
Saturday: 10am-10pm, Study Hall 10pm-4am

Service desks will be closed Sunday-Thursday at 11:45PM and Friday & Saturday at 9:45PM from 4/18-5/12 during study hall hours. It will remain open as a study hall space from 4/18 midnight until 4AM and 4/18-4/11 8am-9am, midnight until 4am. We will close at Midnight on 5/12 and begin winter intersession hours on 5/13.

Happy Studying!