Corfu Ketubah

MS X893 K51991 (Ketubah) smallOn Wednesday, February 23, 1820 (8 Adar 5580), Abraham son of Hayyim Shaptai and Esther, daughter of Jacob were married in Corfu.

This Ketubah (MS X893 K51991) is one of about 50 ketubot in the Columbia collection, of which about 20 are from Corfu.

According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, Jews have been known to live in Corfu from the 12th century until the present day, but the community was particularly vibrant from the 16th century until 1944, when 1800 Corfu Jews were deported to Auschwitz.

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  1. I love the fact that Jewish Ketubah will make your wedding day more especial and the traditional customs that will make the couple’s bond even stronger and most importantly it secures the well-being of the wife and her children.

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