Free resource: Jewish Telegraph Agency Archives (1917-2008)

Thanks to many and various funders, the Jewish Telegraph Agency has been able to post its archives online in a fully searchable (by keyword, date, and topic) website.  A premier resource for "news about the Jews," the JTA reported news worldwide, and was (and is) cited by many other newspapers throughout its time. 

Major topics include both World Wars, the building up and reporting on the Holocaust, the state of Israel, and many, many other events.

The site notes that (as with all first response reporting), "it is possible that some of the facts in these articles were proven erroneous when more deliberate research became possible."  The information in the site, therefore, should be read as the first impression toward various events affecting Jews that took place throughout the 20th (and now 21st century).

You can watch a video describing this new and important database here:

2 thoughts on “Free resource: Jewish Telegraph Agency Archives (1917-2008)

  1. Request Reports of a major Antisemitic disturbance in Leeds city centre involving A.J.E.X. in early or mid 1960’s on a Saturday.

  2. Hello Stanley,

    Did you find such a report? Are you looking for one? Have you tried the search on the Jewish Telegraph Agency’s website?


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