Harvard’s Judaica Library Publications – available freely online!

Libraries tend to be dedicated to open access, devoted to making their collections available to anyone in need of research.  With a recent announcement from a Harvard Judaica Librarian, we see that Harvard is definitely on board with this.  The Judaica publications that they have digitized include work on Yiddish language and literature, Israel Studies, Judaica Librarianship, and other important scholarship, such as a lecture given in 1985 at Harvard by the recently deceased scholar Paula Hyman: The Dreyfus affair : turning point in Jewish history?.

All of these publications are now freely available through Harvard’s catalog (see link below).


Harvard Library Judaica Division’s publications now online

I am pleased to inform you that some 100 publications issued by the Harvard Library’s Judaica Division over the last fifty years are now available online (see link below).


They include catalogs of exhibitions  from Harvard’s Judaica Collection, lectures and articles related to aspects of the Judaica Collection, proceedings of library conferences held by the Judaica Division, catalogs of segments of the Judaica Collection, monographs in the Harvard Judaica Collection Student Research Papers series, and materials distributed in connection with Judaica fundraising.


We are pleased to make them available online in connection with the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary of the Judaica Division which will be commemorated in the 2012/13 academic year and as part of our ongoing efforts to make an ever-increasing segment of the Harvard Judaica Collection available online.


These publications were issued in limited editions and distributed mainly to Judaica libraries, faculty and donors and many are now out of print. Making them available online in this fashion makes them conveniently and freely accessible to all.


To access these online publications, click on the link:


You may also access them by looking in Harvard’s online catalog Hollis Classic (http://hollisclassic.harvard.edu) under the title:

   Judaica e-books : Harvard Judaica Library publications – Batch 1


We hope that these publications will be of interest.


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