New Aquisitions: Rav Milim Dictionary

I am please to announce the acquisition of the premier online Hebrew Dictionary, Rav Milim, now available to the Columbia community.  This comprehensive dictionary “includes all strata of the Hebrew language, from the Biblical to current Israeli slang. It also includes linguistic tools that can find and retrieve any of Hebrew’s 70 million inflected forms, and also supplies other grammatical functions.”

And for the game-minded, there is also a Hebrew crossword puzzle!

5 thoughts on “New Aquisitions: Rav Milim Dictionary

  1. Clicking the link in the post would usually prompt you for your uni and password, and then you’d go straight to the database – I see that it’s down now, so I’ll look into it!


  2. Is this still an option? I’m not seeing any way to log in, even clicking the link in the post.

  3. Yes! The connection seems to be down – we’re working on getting it back up. Thanks!


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