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Encyclo from Nieman Journalism Lab

Encyclo from Nieman Journalism Lab is an encyclopedia-style resource about the future of news and includes a variety of subjects and detailed summaries of their importance, links to articles so you can follow the conversation, and key industry competitor information.  And the entries are updated regularly as new contributions and innovations develop in the field.  Search Encyclo entries here!

You may also follow Nieman and their latest developments on Twitter – @niemanlab.

Spotlight on the DART Center for Journalism & Trauma

DART CenterThe DART Center for Journalism & Trauma has a wonderful resource – the DART Research Database: The Definitive Bibliography of Scholarship on Journalism & Trauma – a collaborative effort by Columbia Graduate School of Journalism IT Department, the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, and the Dart Research Lab at the University of Tulsa.

This searchable bibliography features more than 1,500 scholarly articles on all aspects of journalism and trauma, including war reporting, human rights, mass disaster, and many others.  The User Guide can help you get started, and be sure to consult the Advanced Syntax to get the best results for your search!

Database Spotlight – Leadership Library


Looking for contact information for journalists or media organizations?  Check out the

Leadership Library

database – explore journalists by industry beat using the interactive map, find the editorial contacts of a media organization.


World Press Freedom Day – May 3

Did you know that May 3 is World Press Freedom Day? The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will be organizing events in over 100 countries around the world to celebrate the day, which also marks the 20th anniversary of the signing Windhoek Declaration for the promotion of free and pluralistic media.


An international conference will be held in Washington on May 1-3 for the theme of this year’s event, "21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers." A bit closer to home, those interested should check out an event held on May 4 at UN Headquarters celebrating the Windhoek Declaration’s 20th anniversary. For more information, be sure to check out the UN’s official World Press Freedom Day website.

CRS Reports on Journalists’ Privilege

Looking for Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports on Journalists’ Privilege?  CRS Reports examine Supreme Court and other court decisions and legislative proposals related to journalists’ privilege and rights to refuse to disclose information on sources in news gathering. 

Try these 2 sources: 

Open CRShttp://opencrs.com/  (freely accessible to public; note:  reports do not become public until a member of Congress releases the report, so not all reports will be available through Open CRS.)

  1. in the Search Open CRS box, type:   journalists’ privilege
  2. click Go

Lexis Nexis Congressionalhttp://www.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/cul/resolve?ANH6180 (Columbia University Libraries subscription database; use UNI and password to authenticate)

  1. click on "Congressional Publications" in the menu on the left
  2. go to the Advanced Search tab
  3. uncheck all the boxes except "CRS Reports
  4. (1916-present)"
  5. in search box, type:  journalists’ privilege
  6. click Search