There’s a New Way to Find Articles

Reference Librarian Sarah Witte recently posted on the Butler Library blog about a new way to conduct article searches. This very fast “webscale discovery service” searches journals and newspapers, in both full-text and citations. The functionality allows you to limit the results by article type, publication date, subject term, and even language.

To get to this feature, click on the “Articles” tab on the Columbia University Libraries homepage (the tab will turn yellow.)  
Tips and tricks?
  • To search by author or journal title, use “Advanced Search”
  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase: "feminization of poverty"
  • Look for terms in close proximity to each other: Searching "microfinance india"~20 will retrieve the terms microfinance and India within 20 words of one another
The previous "Find Articles" federated search engine is still available, but it is now referred to as Custom Search. Custom Search will still allow you to search topical sets of databases; to log in and create your own set of databases; or to save citations in folders for future use.  You can find it by searching for "Custom Search" as a database title.