Just Launched: Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy

Columbia University Libraries is pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT), a new peer-reviewed, open access publication. Bringing together clinicians and academic educators, JCEPT promotes advances in education and educational research to stimulate analysis and discussion of clinical education in our field.

Publishing multiple article types including original research, reviews, case reports, and more, JCEPT provides a variety of forms for authors to share their insight and experience. With an emphasis on building community and developing a new generation of clinical educators, JCEPT offers students, emerging scholars, and clinicians opportunities to publish and professionalize their skills as academic researchers and writers. For established scholars and newcomers alike, JCEPT is a venue for collegial conversation and the advancement of scholarship in education and educational research. The recurring feature, the “Inter-Professional Corner,” will be dedicated to clinical education scholarship from related health professions or collaborations with physical therapists, promoting an even wider scope to the journal’s scholarship and expanded community of practice.

As a publication of Columbia University Libraries, JCEPT is committed to an ethical, open, and diverse approach to publishing and will provide options for open peer review, support for non-native English speakers, and those new to academic writing. For more about JCEPT and its policies, or to submit a paper, visit jcept.columbia.edu and follow the journal on Twitter @jcept_columbia.

The Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy is founded by editors-in-chief Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD, and Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg, PT, PhD—both faculty of the Columbia University Physical Therapy Program. They are joined by a distinguished editorial board made up of clinical and academic educators from across the country that represent multiple clinical specialties, roles in academic and clinical physical therapy education, and areas of clinical research.

Columbia University Libraries’ journals publishing program supports the creation, discovery, and dissemination of quality open-access research. We seek collaborations with Columbia-affiliated faculty and students who want to ask new questions, play at the borders of currently canonized fields, open new pathways of inquiry, explore innovative methods, and bring new and traditionally underrepresented voices into conversation.