Exploring Podcasting and Journal Publishing with the Columbia Community

Written by Digital Publishing Librarian Michelle Wilson.

This fall, the Digital Publishing program invites students and faculty across the academic community to partner with Columbia University Libraries to publish research through the Podcasting and Journal Publishing programs. The programs provide educational opportunities, access to technologies, and publishing services to professionally and impactfully share research stories with the Columbia community and the wider world. 

The Fall 2021 Podcast Essentials workshop series begins on October 15.


For the past three years, the Libraries has offered podcasting resources to the Columbia community, beginning with the Podcast Essentials series. Join us for seven workshops featuring guest speakers who are experts in crafting podcasts, from the technicalities of sound design and editing to the art of audio storytelling and the sensitive treatment of fascinating archival audio. We are excited to learn alongside you this fall!

For those who are already engaged in podcasting or planning to start a podcast of their own, the Libraries’ Podcast Partnership program offers web tools, hosting, and publisher services. As part of our Digital Scholarship portfolio, our goal is to promote podcasts as an emerging form of scholarly communications and academic publishing. We’re eager to hear how you use podcasting to share your research and explore academic topics in new ways and with new audiences. We provide training and an on-campus podcasting community to help you to master new technologies and examine ways in which your podcast can be more inclusive, accessible, and impactful as a scholarly work.

Check out details about our program as well as our application to enroll. Applications for the fall partner cohort are due October 8, 2021. Please reach out to publishing@library.columbia.edu with any questions.

Podcasting partners include “How We Got Here,” “Histories of Science in Africa,” and “Shoe Leather.”

Academic Journals

Columbia University Libraries publishes more than 25 academic journals, representing the humanities, STEM, and social sciences. In partnership with researchers and scholars, we offer editorial management tools, a publishing platform, and registration, indexing, and archiving services that will make your journal available everywhere academic research is conducted. The Libraries’ publications are all open access, meaning that we increase the reach of your scholarship while removing financial barriers for readers.  

We are prepared and excited to take on established journals, but are especially committed to using our program’s resources to create space in the academic publishing environment for diverse and underrepresented voices. Part of that commitment is providing education and individualized support at every stage of the publishing lifecycle, so that no matter your level of experience, your team can produce a high-quality publication. 

Explore our existing catalog at journals.library.columbia.edu and learn more about our partnership program. Our application for new fall partners is October 1, 2021

The catalog of academic journals published by the Libraries includes “Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā: The Journal of Middle East Medievalists.”