Introducing the New CQ/AEM Interface

Hello! We are excited to bring you the new version of Adobe CQ, now called Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). While the core functionality remains the same, the interface enhancements and new functionality are all very welcome improvements. The login and welcome screens have been redesigned and rebranded by Adobe, and the Website and Digital Assets […]

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Launching the New StaffWeb

Welcome to the new StaffWeb site,!  Besides the new look and feel, some other things are noticeably different. It was determined by content owners that some of the content in the old site was no longer needed, so that content is not there. Work is still underway to complete the transition. If you notice […]

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CQ Training Underway!

We’ve started rolling out CQ to contributors, and we will be holding up to 10 sessions in May depending on need and availability. Please RSVP to the training invitations (sent via email) as soon as possible. We’ve held a few sessions already and continue to improve our documentation and the training materials. We are continuing to work on […]

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LWeb Implementation Update

Thank you all for your continued patience during our implementation process! We are working through problem reports and handling content issues as they arise. We are scheduling training sessions, which will begin Monday the 25th, and will be in touch about the upcoming schedule and to continue to update you about our CQ implementation.   […]

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Thanks to Stephen Davis, Patricia Renfro, Damon Jaggars, and Bob Wolven, who worked with us to make this project a reality. Thanks to everyone in LDPD for their support and assistance, particularly Joanna DiPasquale, Dmitri Laury, Stuart Marquis, Erik Ryerson, and Donna Sy. Please report any problems you find using our website problem report form […]

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Going Live Friday at 5:00!

We are launching the Libraries’ Website (LWeb) via CQ this Friday, 11 March 2011, at 5:00 p.m! Reminder: This Friday, 11 March 2011, the Libraries website (LibraryWeb) will be relaunched via our new web CMS with the new URL Traffic will begin being redirected at 5:01 p.m., although it will take some time before […]

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