Digital Humanities Center Film Festival, November 16 -17 in 203 Butler


To celebrate its support for film editing and the talents of the film makers on its staff, the DHC will be holding a two-day festival on Monday November 16 and Tuesday November 17 in 203 Butler.  The program, which will start at 6:30 p.m. each day, presents 12 short works and a special bonus feature made by current or former members of the DHC staff as part of their work for the MFA program in the Film Division of the School of the Arts.

The seventy-minute program on both nights will be followed by refreshments and a discussion with the film makers.  We look forward to seeing you there!

The schedule of films and their directors is as follows:

Monday, November 16
Chapa (Fabio Montanari)
By Jamal Joseph (Mike de Caro)
Keep The Change (Rachel Israel)
The Secrets We Keep (Felecia Hunter)
Under the Gray (Sam Mariotti)
Cain (Zijian Yan)

Tuesday, November 17
Sariwala (Shayon Maitra)
Private space (Rachel Del Giudice)
Forever in Hiatus (Andy Nguyen)
Rattlefly  (Min Ding)
The Death of Hercules (Marie Schlingmann)
The Right Hollywood (Nick Rudman)
It Doesn’t Get Any Hotter (featuring Nick Rudman and Gustavo Rosa)