Python Open Labs – Session 12 (Review)


Today we had a brief review session of all the basics of programming that we have covered so far in the Python Open Labs series. During this review we went over reading and writing files, conditional statements, for loops and while loops and various other specifics of programming with Python. This marks a major milestone in the series as all of the material covered so far should be sufficient for basic programming/scripting tasks that you may need

All of the course slides are made available on:

Meanwhile, continue to practise and brush up your skills on:

In the next session I will introduce Object Oriented Design with Python.

For those who are getting started with Python, please watch this space for a concise blog post on basics of Python Installation, IDE set up etc in the coming week !

See you next Friday from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM at DSSC (Room – 215), Lehman Library at Columbia SIPA !

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