Spring 2018 R Open Lab: Character Strings

Feb 28

For this week, the topic we discussed is character strings in R. This lab’s content is a steppingstone for text  analysis.  We started with introducing the concept of characters, character strings, and character string vectors in R. Then, we talked about operations on strings such as getting substring and combining different character strings.  Finally, we learned about extracting and replacing certain patterns within a text-form data set.

Here is the link to the script for this open lab:


Here is a reference for regular expressions in R:


Thank you all for showing up. If you have further question regarding topics covered in the material, please feel free to drop by during next week’s lab or email me or leave a comment.

See you all next week!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2018 R Open Lab: Character Strings

  1. Hello , I wanted to request a sitting in s quantitative research work shop or a one on one for R

    Is it possible to get guidance / i too to the above ?
    Appreciate it very much
    Dr. Bindu Chawla

    Thanks for keeping me posted and

  2. Hi! You can register for this event through the website. Go to Digital Center homepage, under “Research Support”, select “Workshops”. Then, you will see a list of coming events. The R Open Lab is 10:00am to 12:00pm every Wednesday. This week’s topic is “The Apply Family”. If there is extra time, I would be happy to discuss your desired topic. Thanks!

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