Python Open Lab, September 28

This week is the first week of Python Open Lab in fall 2018. We talked about fundamental concepts about Python and basic types and operations in Python.

We first looked at the basic concept of programming languages and introduced python and its usage. The installation of Python for windows users were included so students can use Python in their terminal to write basic commands.

We learned the variable in Python and their different types. Types include int, float and bool. Function type() can be used to make judgement of type of variables. int, float have basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. bool has operations of ‘and’ and ‘or’.

At last, list is introduced as an advanced data structure which can handle things that int,float and bool can not solve.


Basic types like int, float and bool are very important to programmers because they are used at a very high frequency. Understanding their concepts and operations can give students a good foundation for learning other advanced types.


The GitHub link of Python Open Lab is After installing Git, students can use terminal or git bash enter a new folder and use command “git clone”, after this operation, all files will be downloaded automatically. When we post new files, students can just use terminal to enter their git folder and use command “git pull” to get new files.



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