Create a Customized RSS Feed of New CLIO Titles

Would you like to know when the library adds new titles in your area of interest?  Create an RSS feed from any CLIO search using the RSS icon , and add the feed URL to your feed reader or blog.

1. Enter any desired search terms in the CLIO search box.  Use the asterisk for all possible endings: cartoon* finds cartoon, cartoons, cartoonist, etc. Leave the box blank if you are not interested in searching for specific terms.  Press search.

2. Use the “Refine” options on the left side of the results to narrow your search. If you’re only interested in newly published and acquired material,  narrow by publication date (say 2013-2014) and by acquisition date (options are within 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year).  Other options include limiting by format (book, video, music, etc.) library location, language, subject, subject genre (this is especially useful if you would like to include or exclude fiction) and call number.

3. Sort the results by acquisition date, this will ensure that your feed is refreshed with the latest titles.

4. Right click on the RSS icon  , and copy the link address.  Paste the RSS link address into your feed reader, or blog (using the RSS widget).

Need help creating your search, or have a question about creating an RSS feed? Ask a Librarian using the box above  right, contact your subject specialist, or use the feedback link under “Help”.

Looking for a feed reader to replace Google Reader?  We like Feedly.  Here are some other recommendations from LifeHacker.

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