Gandhi Heritage Portal

The Gandhi Heritage Portal was launched by the Government of India on September 2, 2013. It includes 100 English language volumes of The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, 82 Gujarati language volumes of Gandhiji no Aksharadeha (ગાંધીજીનો અક્ષરદેહ), and 97 Hindi language volumes of Sampūrṇa Gāndhī vāṅmaya (सम्पूर्ण गांधी वाङ्ग्मय). There are two modes for reading materials: "Archival" (scanned images of the originals) and "Enhanced" (simple black and white images). The portal includes a gallery of multimedia including photos, videos, and political cartoons. A Journals by Gandhiji tab provides full scans of journals and newspapers owned or edited by Gandhi including Indian Opinion, Young India, Navjivan, Harijan Bandhu, Harijan, and Harijan Sevak. Approximately 5,000 pages of material are presently available; the site will eventually expand to over 15,000 pages.

For more details, see the announcement in The Hindu.

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