Tips on Naxos Music Library for Macs

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Recently, Naxos Music Library, one of the streaming audio databases available through the Libraries, updated its interface. One of the changes is the availability of the Silverlight media player (from Microsoft), which may help in improving off-campus access, specifically if you are using a Mac.

I noticed before I downloaded and installed the Silverlight player that when I would launch an audio playback window in Naxos Music Library, it would hang and not play back. After installing Silverlight (via the download link available from the Naxos playback window), playback was restored, and working again.

Please let us know by email at (or post a comment here) if you experience problems accessing Naxos Music Library (or any other music resource), or have questions about using them.

Reminder: Naxos Music Library, and other electronic audio and music-related resources from the Columbia University Libraries, may be accessed from off-campus by full-time students, faculty, and staff only.