New Library Location Search

The latest CLIO release, 7.10.8,  introduces a library location keyword search in both the Basic and Advanced Catalog Searches, a feature requested by many Columbia librarians.

Some use cases:

A scholar in Avery would like to find books about hospitals in the Avery collection, but the “Avery” location facet only limits to material physically located in Avery.  That scholar may now search for hospitals and location: Avery to retrieve both Avery and Offsite Avery material.


A Barnard alumna would like to see all the titles in the Barnard Alumnae Collection, which until now could not easily be separated from the overall Barnard location:

Barnard Alumnae

More uses for this search:

  • Finding and sorting material in named collections: Plimpton, Kilroe, McAlpin, etc.
  • Quickly generating or linking to a list of Research Reading Room titles
  • Searching for reserves material in a particular library, e.g. Health Sciences Reserve
  • Searching for “reference” to find material in reference collections across the various libraries

Although initially requested by librarians, we think this new search functionality will be useful to researchers as well,  especially in the ability to easily search and facet within our named collections.

KilroeWe welcome questions, comments and suggestions for improving CLIO.  Your feedback is invaluable as we develop the interface. Please comment below, use the Suggestions & Feedback form under the “Help” menu in the upper right corner of CLIO, or Ask a Librarian.

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