Due dates over Winter Break

Please note: no regular circulating items will fall due over the Winter Break, between Monday 12/22/08 and Monday 1/19/09. This will not affect most printed items, as they generally circulate on semester loan (the next semester loan due date is 2/16/09). However, circulating recordings, with a 2-week loan period, are affected, and these items will not fall due over the break between the dates indicated above.

Please contact us at (212) 854-4711or at music@libraries.cul.columbia.edu if you have any questions (or post your question here, and we’ll respond).

2 thoughts on “Due dates over Winter Break

  1. Hi Jacob,
    If you’re sure that the items are gone for good, you can pay for lost items over in the Library Information Office in 201 Butler. In some cases, we’ll accept new replacement copies you provide, in lieu of the standard charges. I’m going to email you separately with further details on these items. Best, /Nick Patterson

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