Searching for archival materials

I will be visiting our offsite storage facility ReCAP again this Friday to examine the contents of about 80 boxes. Last Friday, I visited and looked at 47 boxes.  Although almost all the boxes contained monographs, I found Man’ei/満英 related materials, Chinese film magazines, and photographs (mostly of Ri Koran, the film actress also known as Yamaguchi Yoshiko).  These will, of course, go in the Makino archive in an East Asian film section, while the monographs will be cataloged at some later date.  The magazines are quite lovely. Here is one example:

The photographs include this one:

photographs with Mr. Makino’s receipt of purchase

Many of the boxes contained large multi-volume sets on the history of Japanese film.
I haven’t written blog posts lately because I have been spending most of my time trying to determine what archival materials are left in the Collection and in which boxes they may be found. I will post an update about that in the near future.  At least for now, enjoy these photos.