NYC City Council Proclamation and Avery’s Early Efforts

Landmarks ProclamationIn recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Landmarks Law, the granting of regulatory power to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the tireless work of the preservation community, the Speaker of the City Council issued a proclamation at the April 16th City Council Stated Meeting acknowledging this historic anniversary. Avery Library was invited to attend the proclamation in honor of its early and continued support of the Commission and its work.

Leading up to the enactment of the New York City Landmarks Law, Avery Library directors Talbot Hamlin (1934-1946) and James van der Pool (1946-1959) played a significant role in the discussion and formation of lists of buildings worthy of preservation. Following his retirement as Avery director, Adolf Placzek (1960-1980) was a Landmarks commissioner from 1984-1993, presiding over a number of significant designations. The Landmarks Preservation Commission offers a Placzek Fellowship every summer for students of architectural history and historic preservation.

More information about Hamlin and van der Pool’s involvement with the development of the Landmarks Preservation Commission can be found in their archival collections in Drawings and Archives

van der Pool

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CUNY TV video “Landmarks50 at The City University of New York” featuring Seymour B. Durst Old York Library material on the B. Altman building from Avery Classics.

Museum of the City of New York exhibition “Saving Place

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